Why Shopify retailers are losing their sales and what to do about it

Shopify, a resource center that supports merchants and a free three-month trial of its ecommerce platform for new retailers, according to Bloomberg News. If you are an online store owner, the best piece of advice that you could receive is to adapt your business to social distance selling right now. Before pandemic, there were times and cases when as an online retailer you succeeded in driving the right traffic for your online store, but still there were no sales that followed. This is still a challenge, but luckily now the global business environment became more online oriented. It is your time to accelerate and improve your platform, although the competition also grew. Now you need to reshape your business strategy by firstly, identifying & evaluating every root cause, then solve. Here are 2 main reasons why Shopify retailers are losing their sales:

Bad user experience (UX) which must be evaluated. Before and after pandemic, it still is the
most common problem encountered. Rethink the structure of the site, the menu categories,
checkout process, order information, easiness to save items for later etc.

Poor customer support. Putting customers on hold for too long means: losing your sales,
damaging your reputation and even losing your best employees.

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Are there also other reasons why the online store owners are losing their sales? Please leave
your thoughts below.

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