Understanding your customers

In many ways, the pandemic times have proven to be more of an accelerant than a disruptor. Have you put yourself in your customers’ shoes? What questions have you asked yourself? Maybe you questioned the issues that your customers are dealing with, maybe about how they are currently handling things, if they are happy with their current solution, maybe if they even know that they have a problem or how they view your business, what you are selling and how it will affect them etc. Answering these questions, will help you identify your customer touchpoints which are crucial to the shopping experience. Think about the moments: before, during and after. How did they get to you? What did they do with you? What did they do after?

Here are 3 tips & tricks about how to have a glimpse about that person behind the labels of customer, guest, consumer:

  1. Reach & talk to customers.

Gather real-time insights from them using many different communication channels. Sticky Tools provides Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp for your online business. Try it here.

2. Keep your brand accountable.

Select customer advocates to not just listen, but to understand.

3. Customers are now more open to engage with the people behind the brands.

They are now willing to be part of the solution and share their sincere feedback.

According to a recent Customer Experience study, here are some key takeaways that will help increase your online sales:

  • Always collect customer feedback.
  • Sometimes, customers may be willing to open their wallets a little more if it means receiving a better, more pleasant, and seamless experience and customer service down the line. For example, 74% of people will likely switch brands if they find the purchasing process too difficult.
  • Detect and remedy bad experience by closing the feedback loop as quickly as possible.

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What other tips & tricks would you share? Feel free to write them below.

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