The beginners guide to Sticky Tools

If you’re searching for the perfect app to grow your Shopify business and learn how to quickly add it to your store, look no more. Sticky Tools is the right app for you with 10 features in just one app.  

As an online store owner, you have less spare time to switch between several apps to find the information you need and that is the reason why Sticky Tools is for you with these 10 features for keeping everything centralized.

Access the App from here, install it & use it for FREE. No coding is required in order to successfully use the application.

So, if you are a store owner and you need to display:

  1. recently placed orders to increase trust for new customers, then you have to enable the `Sales Pop` or `Recent Sales Notifications` feature
  2. progressive messages and cart goal to motivate shoppers, then you have the feature “Free Shipping Bar”;
  3. number of products & their total value, you have Sticky cart;
  4. the option to add products to favorites, you have Favorites;
  5. the most recent 30 products viewed by the customer, you have Recently viewed products;
  6. the option that allows the customer to easily set up a subscription for emails which alert him to a price drop on a chosen product, you have Price Drop Alert Subscription;
  7. the total products in cart as a notification, so when the visitor opens or changes to another tab it starts blinking remembering to finish the order, you have Favicon Cart Notifications;
  8. the WhatsApp icon that will show your WhatsApp Agents with separate links for conversations with each of them, you have WhatsApp Chat;
  9. the Facebook Messenger icon and a chat invitation with a button which will open the Facebook Messenger Chat;
  10. a cookie consent bar for E.U. shoppers to comply with G.D.P.R. / E.U. law and build trust with shoppers, then you have EU Cookie Bar.

In case you already have an app doing one of these features and you wish to keep the app you already have, you can just turn off that feature from our App. Our features work independently of each other. Explore how the app works in an example store here.

Sticky Tools is also fully translatable – you just must enter the admin area and translate all the words that appear in the widget.

In short, that is it for how & why to install Sticky Tools to your store to have one-app-for-everything and everything-in-one-app. If you have any other questions, feel free to submit them in the comments below.

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