Sticky Tools now available for multiple currencies

Everyone knows that if you start to sell in multiple currencies, your customer’s experience will highly improve. Shopify successfully brought the big advantage of enabling stores to sell in multiple currencies. Now, all that is needed for Shopify apps is real time adaptation and that’s what Sticky Tools did.

Sticky Tools app now offers multi-currency support. Quite important, right? Which means that the app is ready to be deployed with the currency that shoppers are already comfortable using. Any online store should make it easy for customers to know the price of a product in their own currency, so make sure that you activate this Shopify feature.

Being transparent about your pricing is the first step towards fostering repeat sales of your digital product or service. Pricing display consistency is important in winning a customer’s trust. Multi-currency support goes beyond just offering customers the ability to pay with a variety of accepted currencies. It captures more sales and grow your revenue by allowing customers to also pay with alternative payment options.

Want to play with Sticky Tools to experience it yourself? Feel free to follow the next steps in order to install it for your own Shopify online store:

1. Get started here to install & use Sticky Tools for FREE;

2. After installation, simply turn on the application.

3. Test your customer’s experience. Visit your online store as if you were a customer, select a different currency and test your customer’s experience. Make sure that your prices appear as you’d expect in your different currencies and that your apps and customizations continue to work as expected.

Reasons to activate the multi-currency support of Shopify:

1. Helps your business to expand into new markets;

2. Gives your customers an option to shop in their local currency and enhances the customer experience;

3. Reduces cart abandonment. Having to convert prices during shopping, distracts the shoppers from a purchase and additional browsing might lead to cart abandonment.

Give it a try & let us know how it went in the comments below.

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