Increase sales on your Shopify Store with Sticky Tools App

If your store is built on the Shopify Platform and you wish to increase your sales, the Sticky Tools App is the right answer for you.

Once installed, Sticky Tools increases your customer engagement. The app offers different interaction tools to help the customer remain connected to its favored items in the shop.

The application was released with the following 4 features:

  • Recently viewed products
  • Favorite products
  • Shopping cart previewer
  • Price drop alerts

Recently viewed products offers customers the option to get back to a list of 30 most recently viewed products. Sometimes we get lost while jumping from one item to another and getting back to an item we liked half an hour before can be tricky. This tool makes it easy for customers to look back at their recent browsing history and choose an item they liked but may have lost.

Favorite products offers customers the option to set aside some of the viewed products without having to add them to the shopping cart. The App displays a call to action button right below the ADD TO CART button but also inside the widget.

Shopping cart previewer works just like a sticky cart. The difference is that it displays the cart’s content, the number of products inside and their total value. We all want to know how big the bill will be in the end.

The Price drop alert is a feature dedicated to customers that follow the price evolution of their favorite products. They can subscribe to price drop alerts and receive announcements by email when the prices fall. Experience shows that this feature increases the likelihood of the customers accessing the store in particular during sales events.

We live in a time when creating various accounts and setting different passwords for each shopping experience creates a certain nuisance. The innovation of the Sticky Tools App is that no account is needed for it to work. All the information is readily available and is collected and saved through cookies placed on the local device.

Try our app now, for free! And let us know as your customers become increasingly happier with their shopping experience on your Shopify powered store.

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