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One of the most popular, must have functions for a digital store is to provide a special pocket that customers can use to  save the products they like without having to add them to the shopping cart.

Sometimes customers wish to make a purchase on spot and postpone buying certain products for later. In such case the products cannot be saved for later by adding them in the shopping cart.This is where the Favorite products function comes into action.

Favorite products or Wish lists include products saved for consideration at a later time. It prevents the client from having to search for them again at a later stage.

Sticky Tools offers this functionality for Shopify Stores. With Sticky Tools Add To Favorites Feature, customers are free to save products to their wish list even if they don’t have yet a user account and therefore even in those situations where they have not registered or logged in.

Our Favorites list will stick to the screen and will show customers how many products they saved and what those products are.

Sticky Tools can be installed and used for FREE, click here to give it a try!

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