How to keep your offline charm when going online

When doing the transition from offline stores to online ones, many questions and doubts arise. You must know your values and how to present them in digital format. Don’t hesitate to learn about e-commerce and its benefits. You can humanize your brand by doing simple things like having an “About” page that tells your company’s story, where you can also present your team. So, begin by telling the story of your company. Engage people in your journey and create a shopping experience on your online store. Understand what makes them tick and build a relationship with them. Strategies to help you move from offline to online without losing your authenticity:

  • A stronger online presence. Communication is the key with easy-to-find information, qualitative photography and efficient online ordering.
  • Evaluate your business. Are you going in the right direction? What are the current market opportunities?
  • Understand the consumer demand. What are they asking for? What are their needs?
  • Know where you want to be in 3-5 years. Focus on long term goals by setting goals that will place your business in a better position in the future.
  • Find good talent for your team. Establish the right relationships and don’t forget that value takes time.
  • Think of your employees as partners, not employees. Your employees are your best ambassadors. Compensate your team well and give them autonomy.
  • Look for people who have already accomplished your goal. Trust the people who have done it before.
  • Use online stores apps that can increase your customers experience. These apps are money savers.

The good news? There’s an app called Sticky Tools, that can help you build and grow your store. It’s fast and easy, stress-free. No user account needed. Simple as a sticky note. Sticky Tools is a bundle of 10 different widgets that can offer a lot of benefits for both customers and store owners. Will let you discover it here. Play with it and tell us how it goes!

The lesson? There’s always room for growth in any industry, so make sure you begin your new digital journey. Otherwise, if you don’t innovate your business, it won’t last very long. What have you experienced so far? Leave us your thoughts below.

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