Favorites feature for online stores

If you are a Shopify store owner, you must know that the Sticky Tools app has released a new Favorites heart button. This heart button creates “Wishlists”, allowing customers to quickly save their favorite items in a list of products that they want to buy.

Why every online store needs a Favorites heart button

The Favorites heart button is a flexible tool that increases your overall customer experience. Basically, it’s something every customer could ever wished for. Now it’s way simple to navigate the online store because products can be added to “Favorites” right from the collection page or even from homepage, without visiting the product page.  Every product image will have stamped on it the “heart” icon which will be ready for clicks. Made as a clean graphic design, the customer’s experience will be easy, game like type of fun. Most importantly, this feature will highly increase the return rate and reduce shopping cart abandonment by making customer’s visit easier.

How to enable the Favorites heart button

The Favorites heart button is automatically enabled if you install the Sticky Tools app or can easily be enabled/disables from App’s Settings Panel.

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All favorite items will be saved in a list that can be viewed at any time by clicking the “Favorites” icon from the sidebar. Sticky Tools will also bring other useful features waiting to be discovered by you here. In conclusion, having the Favorites heart button, your customers will have a new reason to visit your site again and purchase more items.

 If you need more info about this button or have questions, feel free to leave your comments below or contact directly the Customer Care team.

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