Favicon Cart notification

What is a favicon?

The favicon is a branded icon like a small, round or square image, that displays usually the logo of the website in the tab of the browsers. What is your browser displaying right now?

Why is a favicon essential to any online retailer?

It simply improves the user experience! Favicons are an important component of any website interface nowadays. It helps us quickly visually match every browser tab with a certain website. Even if you have many opened tabs in your browser in the same time, favicons are helping you to find faster & easier the website you need. In addition to the address bar, favicons can also be found in the browser history. In conclusion, a favicon is mainly a useful tool for sites of all kinds, created for a fast visual search of the necessary website.

Sticky tools app has customized the classic favicons into favicon cart notifications. What does this mean?

Sticky Tools brings Favicon Cart notification, available for all Shopify online retailers.

Favicon Cart notification => displays the number of products in a customer’s shopping cart.

It’s an effective element to remind users they have a full cart and encourage them to check out. Favicon cart notification shows the total products in the cart as a notification over your store favicon in a small red circle. When the visitor opens or changes to another tab it starts blinking, remembering to finish the order.

Why install Sticky tools app?

  • Encourages visitors to complete purchases;
  • Customizes your online store;
  • Reduces cart abandonment;
  • Increases your store’s conversion rate.

Let us know how your Favicon cart experience goes in the section below.

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