Facebook Messenger Chat for online stores

Everyone wants a simple and efficient way of communication. For online stores, defining the right channels of communication with the customers it’s crucial. Building trust and close relationships with the customers helps driving sales and profit for your business.

As an online business, you can easily assure customer care at any time, anywhere. So, why not connect to all your customers over the world through Facebook messaging platform?

Facebook Messenger Chat – what you need is to display the Facebook Messenger icon and show a chat invitation and a button which will open the Facebook Messenger Chat.


  1. Install the Sticky Tools App
  2. After installation, simply turn on the application
  3. Add your Facebook Page ID and Facebook Messenger Chat will be enabled

If you need a more technical instruction, please contact the Customer Care Team. No coding is required in order to successfully use this application.

Sticky Tools offers Facebook Messenger Chat to all Shopify online stores. On a global scale, businesses are clearly recognizing the potential as there are already more than 1.5 billion users, and every day the messaging app is used to exchange over 60 million messages between companies and clients.

It’s easy for customers to contact you, so make sure you connect with them instantly via Facebook Messenger Chat of the Sticky Tools app. Use it as one place to stay in touch and create a personal connection with each customer, keeping all of your communication in this one thread. Studies show that live chat increases conversions and the total volume of sales.

Currently, most of the online stores are struggling to get customers on their sides, and the battle hasn’t become easier in 2020 in the #covid-19 context. This is your opportunity to invest in improving your customer experience. Don’t waste this opportunity!

So, what do you think about Facebook Messenger Chat?

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