10 tips to grow your online store

Buying and selling online proved to be a smart move. Disrupting theconsumer spending habits can be an advantage for online store owners. The reasons why some buyers prefer online shopping may vary from person to person. Truth is, it is your time to step in and market your products and services for an online audience. Recessions spark partnerships. Recent news are that Facebook and Shopify have now a partnership that will accelerate e-commerce purchases. So, it is a good time to invest in e-commerce for better positioning in achieving successful market results in the future. As the e-commerce industry is growing and you are a Shopify user, you have the unique opportunity to position yourself as a leader for the future of commerce. Here are 10 tips that you can use to grow your online store:

  1. Increase your mobile responsiveness because 60% of all internet use comes from mobile devices, according to e-commerce studies.
  2. Broaden your offering to maximize your sales & engage more people.
  3. Customer retention because it is known since years ago that 65% of sales come from previous customers.
  4. Treat your audience like a friend by creating a world of your own that they can understand.
  5. Be consistent in content and ways of approaching customers to build a relationship with them.
  6. Build a habit.  Trust matters when your audience knows that you will not miss a day.
  7. Get in touch with influencers because people want to engage with people, not companies. The individuals build credibility to brands, not the other way around.
  8. Email newsletters seem to be growing, unexpectedly, so make it easy for them to sign up for your newsletters.
  9. Always show a Sticky cart to displaythe content of the shopping cart and calculate the total value of the items in the cart.
  10. Show in real time that real people are making real purchases -best tool to increase your sales.

Have you tried Sticky Tools? The Shoppify app that works like 10 apps in one? Will help you apply in your online store faster the above tips. Read the Sticky Tools reviews here.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes. Leave your questions below.

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